"When Thryn Saxon moves I sense a beautiful logic; the movement finds its right form. She unravels a physical idea through her body like thread from a spool, calmly, precisely, with silky clarity. Thryn is also daring - she can unleash her intelligence, quick reflexes and clean lines far into space around her, making you aware of the air she moves through."     - Kate Weare


“When Thryn Saxon implacably points her arm like a late-model replicant from the latest sci-fi epic, capitulation follows. “

Allan Ulrich is The San Francisco Chronicle’s dance correspondent.


the evening’s most brilliant encounter, the finale between Saxon and Moreno. This was as thrilling as performance gets — the great elegance of the tango master meeting the headlong exuberance and risk-taking of youth.

CHARLES DONELAN, Santa Barbara Independent